1. Difference between double equal (==) and triple equal (===)


Double Equal (==)

Double equal check only value so the output is true.

Triple Equal (===)

5 is an int type and another “5” is a string type. Their data type is not similar that's why the output is false.

React Js

React is not a framework

React is just a library where you make all decisions by yourself. React is a user interface using components. The framework is where some decisions make already. Angular is a framework where already some decision build.

Rendering Works

Every setState call informs React about state changes. Then, React calls the render method…

JavaScript Coding Style

Syntex: Here is a cheat sheet with some suggested rules (see below for more details):

1. JavaScript Types

  • String
  • Boolean
  • Object
  • Null
  • Undefined

2. Createing Strings

You can use single or double quotes:


Creating String with single and double quotes

You can use Template Strings


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